to the administrators / moderator...

Hi there !!

      thanks for having me on swaylocks, I've been enjoying it so far...feel like I'm learning some very helpful stuff, and hopefully what I contribute is of use to people, too. 

I just had one question [for a change...I usually have a few, some of you probably noticed!] 


  I'm just wondering what it IS,  exactly ?  ...if it's unsolicited stuff,  would me sending heaps of photos be seen as "spam" , and would it 'piss people off'  (ie: annoy them) unneccessarily? 

  I ask , because I take lots of photos , and I hope to send them, but I am  wary / weary of them annoying people, and maybe getting negativity thrown at me as a result (though I've noticed...people here are friendlier and generally better behaved than elsewhere, having guidelines enforced seems to help the vibe of a place stay positive, friendly and helpful.)  

 I'd put the photos all under one thread , and add to that from time to time, much as in the "fin photos " thread so far. I'm just aware of the fact that this would mean 'my thread' may be 'topping' the page on a semi-regular basis, and I noted your comments in the Forum Rules and guidelines on THAT !! 

I aim to contribute in a helpful , considerate manner ...  and I hope to help encourage / educate /  challenge / stoke people - as well as having my experiences / outlook  expanded by OTHERS , also ! 

Anyway, thanks for your feedback on this guys, I appreciate it.  [Believe me, I have got QUITE a few photos!!  They WILL be surfing related, by the way.] 

                      ben / "chip"  (aka "chipfish61") 

…share the stoke !

Chip’s photos are cool and usually quite relevant to topic at hand…both his own board/ fin collection and historical shots.

i agree with dubstar, having seen chips photos before they usually seem relevant and helpful

I agree too. You’re definitely not spamming, you’re just sharing.

If you kept saying in every post that we should buy your fins etc., that would be spamming. I think we all appreciate seeing people’s backyard projects/interests as well as the professionals handiwork for example say Bert’s Epoxy creations or Jensens wood boards.

It all just adds to the wealth of knowledge here on Swaylocks, so keep posting the pics!!

Kind Regards,


Like everybody’s been saying, Chip/Ben, what you’ve been doing is pretty much what it’s all about and why there’s the ‘add picture attachment’ in the first place. What you’re doing is most assuredly not spam. gives a pretty broad definition, applicable to newgroups, mailing lists and forums like this one, and what you’re doing ain’t it.

Nor should you worry about ‘topping the page’ : you’re adding ‘content’, information, useful comments.

I will say thanks for asking . That sort of courtesy goes a long way here.

Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.


Well, thanks, everybody for your encouragement!

Always “better to be safe than sorry” , when I’m the ‘new boy’ in town, so to speak…

I’ll definately send photos regularly, then!

I think I might have found an internet home away from home, or whatever! I’ve been blown away by the private messages , and interest in general here. [ And the several aussies and heaps of international people that post here too!] Good stuff !

  ben  / "chip" / " chipfish61" / "chippy"

so whats the deal chip??? youve converted to swaylocks ???

its where the action is …welcome aboard surf brother…



“allelujah brother… do I hear an ehhh mennn!!” etc

In reality, my ***** 'pooter did funny things to me when I tried to log on to the ‘Surfer’ design forum . And , try as I might, I can’t get back on there [… lock’s been changed, and a new combination?]

I pm’ed good ol’ TFAD and Scott Bass to let 'em know what happened , I tried heaps of different things but oh well…

Here is really good, and Dale also sent me an official welcome too . Nice to feel welcome ! Thanks guys…it IS true, [?like with surfboard design too, I guess?] it’s sometimes the little things that make the difference !

I hope to meet you in person one day Bert, being that we're only what..about 30 miles apart or something. Perhaps if you're ever up here doing a drop off to the longboard shop we can get a surf together at scarbs ?  or, I could come down your way and check out some of your fins and stuff. You've inspired / challenged me with your work, that's for sure !! 

     cheers mate! 


ps - I forgot to mention…according to one of my new cali mates from ‘surfer’ [who lurks here also] , we Aussies apparently have “weird ass” senses of humour, so will it get weird here as a result sometimes?


with a big thanks to the hackman [you know who you are] and his [?role model?] mate “professor frink”…what an icon !!

Hey now,

A picture is worth a thousand words and we really love them. We also love “ARTICLES” added to the resources section that have five pitures in a row explained in context. Spam is unsolicited marketing material. Marketing material should be posted to the Marketplace forum or the Classifieds – though please not in mass volume like the porn that hits my email box. Regarding humor – all Aussie sarcasm is strictly prohibited. Violators are banished to a small, seldom travelled Island close to Timor.

Welcome and ENJOY!



ps - I forgot to mention…according to one of my new cali mates from ‘surfer’ [who lurks here also] , we Aussies apparently have “weird ass” senses of humour, so will it get weird here as a result sometimes?

No weirder than the Americono consumer types … I find the slang down under to quite refressing and fun. I work w/ and Aussie and he stops me in my tracks w/ some of the stuff that he says.

When in Roma…