to the northern hemisphere crew ....

…how has the surf been for you so far , during this , your winter ?

Do you have any photos to share , please , to try to keep up the stoke for this wave-starved [southern hemisphere’s summer] surfer



[ i paddled my 7’er around for an hour this morning in knee-high windswell . It was nice to be in the ocean …i never want to take THAT for granted , THAT’S for sure !!]

well northshore has been going off and Andy just ten’d at the last moment mob,and east coasters to win the triple crown…

And best of all there’s an off season hawaiian 4’ south swell expected sunday/monday

yea maybe some pics for you from Mon…

if i wasn’t landlocked it would be better trying to find some photosright now for you chippy

we’re in the N hemisphere - but depend almost entirely on S swell.

Here you go chip, last week’s swell with love from San Diego County: