....to the viccos .....


HOW was bells and elsewhere yesterday EH ?!

i saw you guys were getting snow yesterday in parts of vic ,

and that canberra [the shithole!!] got a 5 degree C maximum

that’s NUTS


if you were in the water , [?wakeboarding?]

nutless eh ?!]




Spanner water!!!

I heard that Threadbo was colder than the Antarctic

yesterday minus 20 sumthin’

Hi Ben.

It certainly has been a little on the chilly side the past few days. Winters here aren’t warm, but the this recent cold snap has been out of control.

The surf needs to be very, very good for me to consider surfing in such weather. I went snowboarding instead.



Yes, bloody freezing chip… but never too cold to surf :slight_smile:


…you keen man !

[or owner of a good 5mil, perhaps?]

yesterday the water felt colder here too , but it was only actually the windchill [it’s 16 degrees in the water still…5 on land , early]

by the way …can you please send me that fin template eh cam ? … i’m still interested



It was a little chilly but no where near as nippy as my home state of WA (PNW) can get. Southside was actually quite fun before the southerly kicked in.

I keep hearing about how cold it is down home right now. I’m in Currumbin whinging that its cold:- 18 months and your’e a Queenslander…

I have to buy a wettie soon coz I’m going home. Anybody get a good price on a 4/3 and booties?