Toe Out Fins

I’m new here so hello all.  I’ve been searching through a lot of forums and can’t seem to find anything on toe out fins.  I want to toe out a twin fin and foil both sides of each fin.  I am also thinking of making them thick and short.  Has anyone every tried any of this or have any input.  It would be greatly appreciated.

toe out fins= brakes.


I just finished a post where I mentioned that " just because my peabrain can’t grasp the concept doesn’t mean its not true." And the Wright Brothers went through a lot of bad designs before they got off of the ground. They learned a lot along the way (but it is was some other guy that grasped wing shape, high and low pressure areas, and actual “lift”). So I have to follow suit that it really feels like you are barking up the wrong tree- but you never know what you might discover along the way. Just be prepared to do a lot of sanding and get itchy! The evolution to Herbs’ finless board saw some really deep concaves with essentially what were really thick fins that I think Rawson did a few years back. Sheesh, a concave is two “toe outs” with a dip in the middle that produce slightly more lift than it does drag. That is what we believe to be true in our ultra-dynamic water medium anyhow. 


Yeah...but were past the Wright Brothers stage in flying now,  Fin design and placement is well past the stage of let's "let's see what they do if we put them this way stage"

We need to take some credit in advancement of adult pool toys.

I understand what everyone is saying but have any of you TRIED IT…

First board,

got excited and toed the fronts on a thruster out.

Glassed them on & went to ride: the board was:



impossible to turn,

went back sawed the fins off,

ground the bottom smooth, reset with fins

toed in to the nose. worked the charm.

in retrospect:

it has been tried unsucessfully,

not worth your time or effort.



in my personal experience, i have found towing out towards the rail, increased water flow down the line in a straight line and reduced drag needed to turn my surfboard.


There is a balance for each surfer for each and every surfboard! so, in my opinion, each board will "operate" for each surfer differently depending on the surfer's stance, weight, and riding style that will yield differing performances for each and every surfer.

having an adjustable fin system allows you to play with these concepts when u need to, or feel u want to, allowing you to unlock every ounce of potnetial each surfboard has for YOU!


that's my take anyway,,








here's a comment from Red_boards recently


"I spent a few days in Bali going too fast and straight because I had my fins pointing about 4" off the nose.  Wound it back to 2" or so and found a sweet spot between speed and getting vert."


kinda proves my point.....