Toe Out ...

We all now that toe in works as in a thruster setup, so what are your thoughts on toe OUT. It would seem to me that it would work as the fin is pointing towards the direction where you want to turn…

Yes I’ve checked the archives…

I’m sure this was discussed within the last few weeks. I believe the results were not good.


the need for adjustability in any direction depends on:

  1. board’s outline/plan-shape

  2. rocker

3)thickness distribution

in order to make an assessment on toe-out,

toe out will increase water flow, and speed, great for down the line surfing or even really weak waves(down the line), but will not assist the board in turning from rail to rail, but this all depends on the 3 factors mentioned above.

being able to make micro adjsutments to existing fin placements can make the difference in increasing speed and manoeuvrability.

hope this helps…


hiya hicksy

if you’re referring to ‘R.E.E.F’ version 2 ,

just DO it ! …and i or josh or pascal will be able to give you an answer soon , waves continuing …

cheers mate !



If you like a parachute effect !