tom blake model

does anyone can send me a copy of the plans of tom blake hollow surfboard which are in popular mechanics 1937. thanks

I’m sure there is info in the archives, here om Swaylocks. And I would not be surprised if the plans could be found on the internet.

there is no plans in the archives and no complete plans on internet[surfresearch.aus]

Who Knew? Perhaps a used book seller has a copy of the magazine. The April 1937 issue, I think. OR, get a roll of 30’’ wide brown paper, and some long battens, and loft out your own design. It really isn’t a difficult process. Bon chance.

If you can get your hands on a copy of the Tom BLake book “The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman” the plans are in there.

This will help a little:

I have a copy of the plans but they are too big for our scanner. Buy the Tom Blake book- the plans are in there. I totally worthwhile purchase.

go to wetsand, then e-mail chuck.he could probably send ya a copy.i think my buddy has some too-i’ll check.a few years ago a tradition was started-the kookbox classic. all boards were built via blakes plans.contestants could wear trunks or bikinis leashes allowed,etc. winner determined by total amount of time ridden thru their heats.first year, i believ the winning time was one minute, thirtysix seconds-and that’s after surfing heats all day long!(things were tricky to ride)last contest i believe the winning time was closer to ten mintues or so(some improvement!) this year-who knows???

If you decide to buy a copy of the book (not cheap, but you could consider that you are buying the plans as well), you might want to consider doing it through the Surfing Heritage Foundation:


I have the book.Herb

I have scanned Popular Mechanics plans, but they’re at the office, and I’m off for a week. Going to the mainland Tuesday through 1/2/07, God help me. But if you PM me after that I can send 'em, as I have to a few people here already.

I have these…

BTW does anybody know where I could aquire one of these? I have a T Blake Paddle board that was given to me that I’m planning to restore that has the drain plug missing.

Mainland ? Where ?

I’m in Orange County,California.Herb

can you post photos of your hollow surfboard blake model

The thing is pretty beat up.

Hey Atom:

If it is original, it is well worth restoring, but if it is a re-creation,

not so much.

You will never find a replacement for the vent.

They are rarer than rare.

I learned to stand on the front of my dad’s Blake paddleboard at an

easy rolling break in Cali. I was small and my dad would say;

“lean to the right, lean to the left,” and the board would

turn. I thought I was a hot surfer. (for a seven year old)

It was many years later that I realized that my dad

was dragging a foot in the wave to make the board turn!


for the vent you could try to see a dental prothesist if you can get a silicon mold of that part,he will easily do it

I wondered about that. The guy that gave it to me didn’t know much about it. I’ve read somewhere that these things where sold as kits. It might be one of those. I’m planning to strip off the grey paint and open it up to see its innards and see how it compares to the diagrams I posted in this thread. Eventually I want to veneer the thing, do some inlays, pinstripes and glass it. I have place resevered for it on wall of my living room.

is there a fin on the bottom?

Hey Atom:

Check out the screws (should be old school brass) and look carefully at the

wood. If the strut wood is mahogany, it might be an original kit. If it is modern,

decorate away!!!

I would love to paddle one around my local break. The first time I surfed

PV cove where my dad started I got goose bumps thinking about how all

things come around again.

Make sure you send pics of the tear down as well as the resto!!

No fin and I don’t see any sign that there ever was one.