tom blake?

so i can’t get a circa 1930’s paddleboard out of my mind .i’ve looked but not that hard ,can anyone help? 12’ish super pin tail sound really nice

Dirk Langer in Cayucos, Ca can set you up with a nice replica of any of several Blake hollow wooden designs. If it’s the real thing you want, keep an eye out for listings on eBay. They pop up occasionally with serious bidding for nice ones.

i saw that web sight, but i’m interested in making one myself. there is a little how-to on the wet sand web site that might be all i need. if anyone has a rough blue print/ plan that would really help ,and some input in the tpye of wood to use (while keeping a lower cost in mind) that would also help

1937 Tom Blake Hollow Paddle Board

Australian Racing 16, Cigar Box, Kook Box

Tom Blake : Riding the Breakers on this Hollow Hawaiian Surfboard -

Popular Mechanics Magazine

July 1937 Volume 68 Number 1

pages 114 - 117

jethro- i have a set of plans- where are you located? when i get some time i will try and scan it in sections- you will have to cut and paste. steiny

Chesepeake Light Craft has a modern interpretation in kit form. I built one of their kayak kits some years back, and the boat is light, fast and bombproof. The kit was high quality and very complete. I was considering building a San-O from one of the kits before I got interested in stand up paddle surfing. I’m currently working out the design for a stand up paddle board using the hollow wood construction technique that the Grain Surfboards guys are using. There are some photos and information on that version of the Blake method on their website.

you will find plans in the book the uncommon journey of a pioneer waterman and many photos illustrate the way to make them

thank you