Tom Morey

Tom Morey is in dire straights. Story on Surfline.

Sad situation for a man that has brought so much joy to so many. The people that make Boogy Boards/ Bodyboards Need to step up and make some big contributions to Tom. The whole bodyboarding industry would not exist with out Tom Morey.

Tom Morey directly influenced my surfing.
If I recall correctly, he sold his Boogie business for a song. Then he gave away his Boogie profits because of his beliefs (Baha’i).
Seems like he gave more than he took in life…

As I recall, Tom sold the Boogie company to AMF/voit, or some other big corporation, a long time ago. I do not know how much he received, or anything about his eventual use of the money.
I heard about his situation just recently. They say he’s lost his eyesight and is pretty much broke. I believe some people have started a crowd funding effort to haelp pay his bills.
This is what I think should happen.
All of the big shots in the undustry who have made millions should kick in, generously. That includes those who have made millions from surfing, like Slater. The current owner of the WSL is Dirk Ziff. He’s a multi billionaire. (He’s also a major kook). Ziff is worth roughly 4 billion dollars. He could spare a few hundred thou to help Morey and not even see a dent in his bank account. He probably makes that much in interest off his investments in a month.

It’s always interesting that they ask the public to fund these occasions when the celebs, the execs, the corporations and the media could pony up a lazy million in a day. But they don’t.
If I could Id put a roof over Tom for free just because he’s a human but few of us at this level have spare coin to give away.
Even if he made and blew a fortune Tom still deserves compassion from those best able to provide it.
Never heard of Ziff but he should be first to open his wallet.

Well said.

Yes, sadly Tom is essentially sightless at this point but his mind is still as sharp as a tack and he is still a stoked individual.

If you care to help out a man who put a smile on more faces than Hugh Hefner please go here and spread the word if you will:

Tom Morey is responsible for much more than the Boogie Board. He was instrumental in surfing for many years in Ventura, Ca. with his shop on Front street. He taught and influenced many a shaper in town and surrounding areas. He also brought inventive thinking to the craft and allowed folks to think and create on their own. I completely agree with SammyA and Surfoils. Support should come from the industry first and foremost. I had the same thought listening to Slater’s pitch thinking he alone can alleviate all or most of Tom’s financial issues.

Yes he’s a good man. Loves jazz and playing the drums. Had a nice conversation with him about Front Street goings on and people, a couple of years ago at the Board Show. Dale Herds, Dennis Ryder, Tom Hale, Cooper etc. I remember someone telling me that they had seen him one morning at Rincon tearing the place apart. Great surfer whose roots go back to early days at Malibu. Got to know his son Sol when I lived on Maui. Don’t know how he wound up in his current state. Most I’m able to do is pray for him. And yes; Kelly probably could take care of his situation, but shouldn’t have to.