((((((((((Tom Sterne)))))))))))

…I won a book at the sways gathering in the raffle you’ve been looking for all your life.I would love to call it my own, but the ghost of Rick Mchale tells me different.Can you guess what book it is?If you guess it correctly it’s yours for free!!!Along with some other stuff I’ve been meaning to mail out to you.Herb

WAR and PEACE by leo Tolstoy…good try… its still your book I have to inherit my moms copy that scares me enough …ambrose quaking in my rubber slippers

Hmmm…that would be Surfboard Design and Construction by James Kinstle? Wish we could have shared a couple of waves over the past weekend Herb, I definately owe you a couple of set waves! Tom S.

…It’s yours,maybe you’ll make it next time.Herb