Too much sanding. Leakage?

Hi there

I’ve been a little too zealous with the sanding of my final (gloss) coat — There are a few areas where the weave of the cloth has come through!

Will this allow water to seep into the board? If so what’s the best way to deal with it?

Thank you!


Howzit Monty, Spray a few coats of laquer over the weave let it dry totally between coats, after it dries hard you can hand rub it out to a shine. This is just a shortcut fix but it will work. I doubt the weave would wick water since it’s saturated with resin, but why take the chance. Aloha,Kokua

Thanks kokua (once again)!

I haven’t any spray equipment (or lacquer for that matter).

If I brush on a little resin and give it a light sand and polish . . . Is that too rough?


Howzit Monty, Buy a spray can of laquer, glossy shine. That’s what I use. Aloha,Kokua

Thanks pal.

You’re a legend!