Are you addicted?

Yeah I am...but sheesh I have to make every hit last a long time!



“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” Woody Allen.

" Money It's a gas grab that cash with both hands and make a stash." Pink Floyd


…I want money to have a better place to work and a decent house; also, to do a surgery in my shoulder.

In that way, I could have time and health, that s the more important things.

So, as W Allen say, only for financial stuff

Not really, but everything goes great with money!


Chicks and money

Cars and Money

Surf trips and money

Vegas and money

Food and money

shelter and money


Everything works better with money.

Addicted to money, sure, pretty hard to get around it these days.

Even with local trading and bartering money is one of the only commodities easily available and understandable to the masses.... and that's exactly how the glitterati want it!!

Hate it, but sadly got to live with it.

Im not addicted to it, but f*ck man, my bank/insurance company/chilfcare/school/local council/state and federal goverment will do just about anything to grab the little money i do have. Crazy!

addicted? no.

in absolute dire need? yes.

I’ve been accused of being completely fixated on money. That’s wrong. I’m fixated on my lack of it. 

Money for nothing and your chicks for free!

After my first marriage, I promised myself I would never marry a poor girl, again.





Still looking.

Live within your means and be happy with what you have.

THIS is the answer

“I’m a big fan of money. I like it, I use it, I have a little. I keep it
in a jar on top of my refrigerator. I’d like to put more in that jar.”

It’s not money I’m addicted to - it’s the additives

not at all otherwise wouldnt make boards for a living…I can live very basic but with kids and wife and mortgage, you gotta have some coin comin in…I could live in a caravan on the beach easily, in fact thats how I envisage my twilight years…

I looked into living in a caravan at the beach when I moved back to Australia…it was too expensive :frowning:

But I can make a small contribution to your retirement fund and it’s worthy goal if you make me a surfing board. :slight_smile:

There will always be someone richer and there will always be someone poorer.  Do what makes you happy, and be happy with what you have.