Torsional Propulsion / Torsion Drive Stringers

**Been going forward with my newest stringer project. Been doing quite a bit of cutting and gluing lately. Working on Torsional Flex. My Torsion Drive stringer system is comprised of a split stringer exiting on the rail directly below the rear foot of the rider. I have made several and have a demo which has had great reviews. US Blanks came down this week to discuss my latest venture this week. **

**Torsional Flex The twisting characteristics of the board. This dictates its turning and on-edge performance. The softer the flex, the more forgiving it is, the stiffer, the more performance it has. **

More info. here.–torsion-drive-stringers.html

I will be lurking, looking forward to seeing more…


Can’t wait to see more.

Flex is fun.



Barry, given your theories, would a board without the fin box ride a lot different then a board with one? Seems like a box would stiffen the area behind the split stringers similar to what a full length stringer would. 

To answer your question, yes a fin box or boxes definately stiffen the tail area.

That’s why the few models I have this stringer in have been Tri-fins.

Multiple fin boxes seem to be all the rage.

Cool for multiple fin options,

bad for flex due to the overlapping of boxes due to their large footprint.

The longboard I built for my friend Sean will probably have a glass-on fin next time.

The base of the fin is shorter than even a smaller longbox.

May have to go back to FCS plugs as they are smaller and will allow flex.

Wouldn’t the little fcs plugs not allow so much flex once a fin was in them, being that the fin is rather rigid in that direction along the base, and the plugs are secruly attached to the fin? Although I certainy agree a futures box would stiffen things up more than fcs plugs.

Either way, that top board is so damn cool. Looks like it’d shred everything. Have you ever foiled the tail super thin? 

The other clear 5’6" has some rocker adjustments and yes a thinner foiled tail.

Constant refinement.

Work in progress.

The future is un-written.

Barry I bet you’d be happy if you can get US Blanks to make your blanks for you like that and have them only sell to you since you have the patent. Must be a pain trying to get that cut right and trued up? Liking what I’m seeing though. Keep on it.

Seems like a single fin will have little effect on reducing “torsional” flex – should affect lengthwise flex.  Because the single fin is on the centerline, it may augment torsional flex by acting as an additional lever that is perpendicular to the rails.  The rails would be the principal levers…

Stone, as you can see, this has multiple applications and endless possibilities.

I’m excited to see where this goes.

Funny you mention the single fin.

I’m building one with this stringer.

Glass-on single.

Cool stuff Barry.

The torsional flex in the tail might actually allow a single fin to track tighter in turns and cutbacks.


Barry, you’ve certainly got the spirit of creativity. So many of your projects are amazing and  make me wonder how you keep thinking up new ideas.

The worse thing after seeing your boards is that I get distracted from my own ideas because your ideas are better !


I beleive I was dropped on my head as a baby.

That or the head first falls skating pools as a teen.

I’m really just passionate about surfboards and the limitless possibilities.

I have far more boards to build in my head than time to create them.

Working on them one by one.

Surffoils. you have a creative streak as well.

Keep it up!

US Blanks did a cool little write-up on my Torsion Drive Stringers.

They are good friends.

I only buy foam from them for many reasons.

Total pro’s.

Check it out.


Snake Oil Inc.

@ NorthernShores:

Barry’s as genuine a crafstman as you’re going to find. 

He wouldn’t put this much work into pursuing something if he didn’t wholeheartedly believe it has merit.

Same goes for Sigmund Freud, Rudolf Steiner, Aristoteles and the Pope.

You are certainly entitled to comment.

But for credibility, one must substantiate one’s opinions**…**

“Consider your foot size.  Two surfers could be the same size; 6’ and 175lbs, but one might have a size 9 shoe and the other a size 12.  That foot size makes a huge difference in how a board will perform for the given surfer.  Foot size is an important, yet often overlooked consideration in board design.”

Interesting you say this. I have small feet, and I’ve always thought people who have big feet are lucky cause they can leverage their boards better.