Tow boards: blanks to use?

Just pondering what blank they’re building them on… And they must be putting STUPID amounts of glass on these… Input please? Peace Ted

Pretty sure they use supergreen and upwards of 10-12 layers of 6oz on each side. Im sure someone else has a bit more info on these. Austin

Looking at somewhere in the 7 foot range… haven’t really nailed that down 100% yet read what i could find so far, using supergreen and classic blanks 7’ x 16-17" are what i’ve seen so far… anything else anyone could add in?

We use “tow-in” density which is heavier than you can imagine. Planer cuts are super clean but the material can clog your tool if you go too quickly. 7’ sounds a little big, 6’6" and under is the trend. What is the intention of the board? Triple 6 both sides is good and then triple 6 glass-overs on the foot plugs and foot areas. Get your blanks sectioned, (ie. 2" removed from center) to get you closer to your goal. A bit of tail kick won’t hurt either! Good Luck.

who do you get tow blanks from? or are they custom orders?

If you have a line on custom blanks through on of his distributors, Clark will make the blank to spec.

nope… i lack the connections :\ im just a lowly shaper of boards for my own use!

If you are on the west coast, try Foam EZ, Basham in San Clemente, or Mitch’s in San Diego. Where do you get blanks now?

usually from fiberglass supply didn’t know foamez could get tow board blanks!

yeah, the tow blanks are just modified surfboard blanks. For example, a 6’6" could be made out of: 6-8R Tow Density remove 2" from center 3/8 Bass stringer +1/4"T Last 14" (one time only) remembering to say “one time only” so a guy at Clark won’t make a wooden template of your rocker for their records; go easy on them. Are you ordering from Wade at FGH Santa Barbara or up at Santa Cruz? Might be worth some investigating. If you are “too small” or they are “too cool” to take a custom blank order, then maybe you could piggy-back your blank(s) with a local shaper who is “large enough”…

Contact Gary Linden in Oceanside, California. I think he is simply at He is a master of the craft of big wave board, from guns to tow boards. Plus, he makes a superior shortboard as well. And he is very accesible, a wonderfully polite man who can back up his words with action. He’s fifty-four and rides huge surf, most notably is second place result in the 2003 XXL Billabong Big Wave challenge (surfing against people less than half his age). Amazing. Furthermore, he is shaping guns for Dick Brewer, a man who knows a thing or two about big wave boards. Seriously, though, Brewer is, unarguably, the shaper’s shaper for guns, especially out of control Waimea Bay guns. And Linden shapes for him under the Plumeria label. That’s who’s making my next big wave board. Oh, and if you go to the Linden website, you’ll see a long and impressive list of names of people who surf and surfed his boards.

I know a couple shapers in my area that could piggyback me a couple tow blanks if i asked nicely enough [smile] I think I’ll do that. Thanks for the tips!

You dont need to piggy back! Fiberglass Supply, Foam EZ, Mitches, Basham’s all can order 1 blank custom orders. Clark Foam is very custom oriented, their entire system is based on custom. Fiberglass Supply being in Washington may take longer as he might not stock tow blanks, but you never know. Foam EZ is best at shipping blanks and if Clark Foam has the tow weight you need in the blank you want, it should only take Foam EZ a week or two to get the blank. I don’t know what Linden making a gun has to do with buying Tow blanks? Sluggo

I’ve ordered blanks from glass supply (standard blanks) and had good turn around on in stock and they were awesome when stuff was out of stock, guess I’ll keep my business with them then. Thanks!

Sluggo’s right, Clark has always been great about the custom stuff. Be sure to specify things, like sectioning the blank, very carefully as time can be lost in the back and forth of “what did he mean?” Linden charges, saw him on what looked like a WOOD board last winter (it was 15+ and he was paddling); I didn’t know what that had to do with the thread either though… Good Luck.