tow in boards

come on someone must know how to make a basic tow in board.

I’ve seen a few, never shaped one. The ones I’ve seen were all very heavy (lots of glass & even added weights embedded). Specs: Here’s some numbers from Dave Parmenter’s writeup on tow boards: Dimensions (in decimal inches): Length: 7’2" Nose: 9.5 inches (at 12 inches down) Widepoint: 16 inches. Widepoint is at center. Tail: 11.15 inches (at 12 inches up) Thickness: Nose: 1.25 inches (at 12 inches down) Thickest point: 2.1 inches Tail: 1.35 inches (at 12 inches up) Rocker: Nose: 5.35 inches Tail: 1.5 inches If you build one, post pictures!

see that doesnt sound much different from a shortboard with a smaller width i was looking around at some sites and they were saying they werwe a lot thinner! i think the main problem will be attaching the straps and working out where they are placed! thanks