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I wanted to make a tracker style board for here in Maui. I would probably never ride it under head high  but hh to Double over at honolua and big breakwall any bigger and I will prob be on a modern 610 but who knows lol. I just wanted to try something different than my normal boards. I ride alot of high perfomance smaller eggs and shorter wider shortboards. I am 165 and a advanced surfer. I just have never got to touch one of these. I was thinking 6’10 x 14.25 N x19.75 x13.25 T x 2.6. Does that sound about right? I ride alot of relaxed rockers so I am not scared of that but does anyone have any idea of where I should go with rocker? I like the looks of the mctavish ones but never seen one in person. I will stick with a single fin. Bottom with prob be light belly entry to light single to vee with light double out the tail and small rails. Any suggestions would be great. I see these with big flex fins but was thingking Brewer wide base or Thrailkill. Thanks for the help.

stoked that you would consider a single fin, I really like surfing my singles, not too many people do anymore, other than the old classic Malibu longboards.  Saw a guy at the beach today with a “glider” type longboard, pulled in nose, rounded pin, single with sidebites.  Asked him, ever surf it without the sidebites?  He looked at me like I said “ever been to Mars?”  Said no, why would I?  Haha.  I tried to explain, but don’t think I really got through.

Anyway, here’s some pics to prime the pump.  Maybe get this conversation going.


Straight out of 1968  -  Pinched low rails, wide point forward, Vee tail. The Tracker will smooth out your style, with great down-the-line speed.

Technical Features

  • Flatter rocker profile

  • Choice of rounded square or pin tail

  • Lower pinched rails

  • Rolled bottom

  • Glass-on or box fin

  • Special Tracker fin

  • Volan, tint or pigment lamination

zackoopman has been posting some nice looking single fins along those lines.  You might send him a PM and see if he will share some dimensions or a template with you.

EDIT… I just looked him up and discovered he’s gone pro with a website and all.  And yes, he is doing trackers.

I have had a mctavish tracker for the last year and it gos great in big and little waves it’s a bit bigger than the 6 10 you r talking its 7"9  x22x3 but I could take some rocker measurements if u like this picture is of it just shape in bob shaping bay

ROlley that would be swesome with tthe rocker measurments maybe nose and tail. Thanks guys still pretty lost on these but love learning a new shape. Huck I love single fins. I rode just that for almost a year trying to smooth out my style. Today most of my boards are quads or bonzers but I have been getting back into 2+1 ala NPJ and single again. That video is exactly what I want. I like being able to hunt down set waves and still get really barreled.

if anyone has a template even more in the 7 ft range that I could base mine off I would be stoked. I wouldnt just copy it.

hiya Girvin !


I posted a few shots of my brother’s 1969 australian  one ,  here , previously .


 But it’s 8’… would that be too long for you ??

I haven’t looked into whether or not Dennis has a webpage; but if you could findsome picks of boards that he has done over the last few years you’ll get an idea of what a modern day “Tracker” should look like.  Modern low rail and subtle bottom V. Dennis would know he shaped them for MP.  

  • might be too long but I would be stoked to check it out. I would love to see dennis’s modern version too. I knocked out a few boards today all under 5’10 and realized almost everything I make is under 6’2 or over 9’0 lol. I need to get into the midlengths. I like diverses take on it also. 

hiya again  , Girvin !


  it was quicker to rephotograph it ,  and measure it , than search through pages  of sways posts…


  so , mate … here ya go !!  …


   nose  18"  [12"back ]

photo IMG_0014_zpsafc9b9ac.jpg

length  8 ’

photo IMG_0013_zps9cdb4ee7.jpg

width 23 "

photo IMG_0005_zpsb5da4873.jpg

thickness  c. 3"  [ thin  50/50 rails , though …]

photo IMG_0027_zpsad338ca8.jpg

 belly / ? hull ? bottomed …

photo IMG_0023_zpsd15d78a4.jpg

tail a very narrow 11 " [ I believe that  a LOT of the original trackers were actually square tailed ? [ I was 8 years old at the time , so can’t remember] …

photo IMG_0015_zps5b22553b.jpg

"leash loop " … a later addition …

photo IMG_0017_zps0688383e.jpg


fin … a WHOPPING 11 3/4 “deep [!!] , and 8 7/8"base [!!] , with  5 1/2"rake [!] .  Positioned at a massive 14 1/4” [!!] up from the tail point [pod]

photo IMG_0018_zps9c830ed3.jpg


logo …

photo IMG_0019_zps1303a50a.jpg


[ but I can’t remember if the guy’s name was peter collins , or colliss ?]


 " beerfan " ?   … or any other wollongong locals ,  here on sways ? … any clues ?




  [This board was originally posted by my brother [under the [dis]guise of ‘lazarus’ ] , as a query about the shaper , on another thread here , ages ago !  [which I couldn’t find]


  okay , I hope that this helps , mr. girvin ??


  cheers !








 the nose rocker is 3" [ !!]  ,  the tail rocker is  1 1/2",  by the way …

Epic thanks brother!! Ben didnt you have a different handle last time I was posting resin work o here? That one reminds me of mccallums  tear drop guns. Such a cool board.

bump any rocker #'s on modern ones?

Do you need hair and a beard to wear those neoprene jackets? or is it optional?

Bc of my nativ american roots I cant grow a good beard. Guess I cant ride one lol. As soon as it gets big here I dont worry about the hipsters they get scurred.


hi mate !


 I probably coulda been … chipfins61 , chipfish61 , chippy61 … but I  can’t remember who else I’ve been in the last ten plus years ?!  :)  multiple identity disordered  :slight_smile:

" E X C E L L E N T T T T !!  "  [ to quote monty burns ]


   do they still wear beaver tail wetsuits , and all ride white boards with single fins up there ?


I hear the green stuff is plentiful there , too ?    [ I saw that on an episode of  'the simpsons '… so … it MUST be true , eh ?!  ;)   ]

Actually there are almost no alt board riders really. I can count on one hand how many single fins I have seen at the Bay besides mine. It is very green here. I however do not partake. I rode a 6’3 egg 3 fin bonzer on the last swell and got some scoffs untill I go a good one then alot of questions lol.

I’d like to see the bonzer3 , please , mate ?


…not many here [sways] , unfortunately !

I dont know how to post photos anymore. but its on my instagrahm girvinsurfboards.