Traction Pad Material - Large Sized

I read some great threads on traction pads. Some ideas included yoga mats, E.V.A. and neoprene foam. The threads provided some good sources, however, the sizes were too small or the links were no longer available.

I need traction pad material (one piece) to cover an area about 12’ x 3.5" for my fishing surfboard project. I was hoping that some of the paddleboard builder might have a few suggestions and guidance on what materials to use.

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I think this was originally from benny1

Use waterproof contact adhesive. If you use polyethylene, rough up the side to be glued with coarse sandpaper. Good luck!!!

Wow Thanks Daddio:

I am not to akamai (smart) when it comes to foam since this is my first time working with it. Which one do you think would be better, the EVA or Flo Tek?

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I’ve only worked with the polyethylene and have heard that EVA is easy to work with.

Know nothing about Flo-Tek.

Anybody else?

www. They make a ton of pads- check it you will find anything you need for sure.

I used flooring from a auto parts shop. It’s not one continuous peice but it does have interlocking ends so you can string as many as necessary together.

use a router, and a home made jig, like a piece of wood clamped to the top of the foam pad , move it around to make your own design.this will provide better traction for your feet or fishing rod/gear.

Also check They have large sheets of EVA foam made specificly for boat deck traction. Reasonable prices.

Thanks for all the leads and ideas. Seadeck has very interesting products. Which one to choose??? I guess I’ll base my choice on durability and value.