Trade Shows S###K

Turns out some big name glass shops don’t care about the little guys… I have a few board in at a couple glass shops around here and the boards have be sitting and sitting there untouched while new Merricks and CI’s move ahead. Turns out they have been doing tons of board for a freaking trade show in freaking Fla. … sorry just needed to vent…

It isn’t the trade shows, I have had Surfboards Hawaii’s waiting to be glassed forever, getting delivered to the WRONG dealers, contracted shapers NOT getting paid and in the end, trying to put the blame on me because I didn’t shape the boards that they NEVER gave me orders for.

I had the glass shop for a famous world champion longboarder, totally shine and crowd us out to kissass them to only bail and then be asked if we wanted to get boards glassed again. The good glass shops are booked forever with reliable clients and getting a foot in is next to impossible

Jim, no really it was the trade shop deal… they told me staight up… but yea I could see things going form bad to worse with some shops…

And the shaper gets blamed in the end.

I would glass my own but I suck at glassing. I guess that’s life.

They put the leash plug where?

What name brand fin system got installed wrong ?

Is it a twinzer or a quad ? They both have four fins…

“Trust me… no body wants glass on fins anymore”

That will take 6-8 weeks

What color is burgundy?

We only take cash ,exact change please.

Yep you got it Ray…

so you want glass all of my board for now on?

I’m still struggling with the burgundy…

guys , guys …

ALL the more reason to glass them yourself , don’t you see ?

I’m sorry your american glass shops suck according to you …but I heard freedom of choice still [kinda ] exists in America ? …DOESN’T it ? [meaning: if you don’t like the wait , heck, do it yourself …“Stingray” , you ARE a glasser , yes ?


Backyard glasser yes !!!

Surfboard glassing business no.

then all the better Ray !!

then two scenarios will happen , possibly more …

1] you will , over time , get REALLY good at glassing Ben’s complicated bottomed boards

2] or HE will !

[scenario 3…

he will start shaping less complicated bottoms and wings and find the boards still go well…]

[scenario 4 …

you will just have to wait weeks / months for “the glass shops”]


Yep, it’s trade show time! Between the San Diego show and the Florida show the good glassers are really busy. it seems everybody wants fancy color glass jobs, lot’s of 3 & 5 fin Bonzzgers, Fishes, Keel Fins, retro pig diamondtails single fins…everybody wants the tint. Every “surf company” had beautiful resin boards on display, I mean it’s cool to see some art coming back into the poly boards, but it’s killing the build time. You can go to the smaller glassers, but then you run into the “what color is Burgendieee, syndrome” I was talking to the guys at Ukelele surfboards at the San Diego show,they had some great looking boards, they do all their boards nuts to bolts. Even the LocBox guys had about 20 boards…Cambell Bros 5 fins, Pavel fishes, Twinzers, quads… all sorts of cool s&*t to look at…For us small time guys, doing it yourself is probably the best way to go. Keep costs down, and have full control of QA.

Come on Shipman put the mask on, it’s only known to cause cancer in the State of California in small laboratory animal, and pregnant reptiles. Next Keith gathering, your wearing the mask and squeegees.


And they didn’t know the show was coming until 2 weeks before hand! Clark foam in Fla, would shut down from Christmas til a few days before the show, so there was a scramble to do 3 day boards

let’s bring a shaped blank to Big Sur and have Shipman glass it there! :wink:

Whaddaya think Ben? You could do mine. I read your thoughts on spackle. My current project is a spacklestein…you’ll love it!