Train Kept A Rollin’

“All night long”.  Florence, Oreegone in the AM.  Low Tech Oregon/Brad Finely and then onto Mr. Russo in LC.  And finally home in PC with the last batch for NME aka Al Ciske.  Then home to the “Woods”,  ManaMia and a house full of dogs that are always glad to see me no matter what I’ve done.   “Wheels on my ass” Mike/Rooster—-  Lowel 

nice haul :slight_smile:

jincluding yourself, just named half the shapers on the entire Oregon coast…not exactly a hot bed for shapers, unless they prefer the low budget life…

Thank god for dogs.

Working for a livin! Thank God for dogs, indeed. Hiking.


Woops, that’s not the pub. That’s home. 

Wine tasting. 


Working dogs need to work…or play. 

Moderators, could you do something bout the dude taking up space with non surf material?  Oh shit! I am a moderator. Sorry. Have fun yah all. Mike

Life should be so simple.

Been asleep.  Awake now.  

I think it was Tblank that told me I had “wheels on my ass”. Credit where due.  Slept a bit, but not enough.  LCC you’re right.  That’s about everybody south of Seaside.  Lost one to personal problems.  Couple of others realized there’s no money in it and quit.  I’m gradually becoming a glasser to supplement my shaping.