Training for vacuum bagging, composites, fiberglassing, etc...

This is an update on Cerritos College

Plastics/Composites Manufacturing Technology.

I just got a follow-up call from Terry Price, the Department chair.

If you are interested in learning more about the classes and facilities, he will hold an open house just for us vacuum baggers-to-be on January 6, 2005. Please call him direct if you are interested. Terry Price (562) 860-2451, extension 2927. Open registration by January 10, 2005. Tell him you are into surfboard construction and you saw this on Swaylocks design forum.

These are NIGHT school classes and the class we are interested in is on Wednesday night (composites and vacuum bagging) There is also a fiberglassing class on Saturdays which also teaches about molding processes.

These are very incredible and affordable class offerings. $11.00 per unit and about $45.00 in misc. fees.

With vacuum bagging knowledge you can make many more composite structures besides surfboards - snowboards, skateboards, skimboards, wake boards, skiis, paipos, bellyboards, kneeboards etc… Can you picture making a sandwich board and being in school using their facilities and tapping into their knowledge base? (Aerospace dudes and dudettes learn the right stuff here!) Can’t lose…

A wood sandwich reef slayer and matching wood veneer helmet?

I can vouch for the composite programs over at Cerritos College. I’ve been taking classes over there for the past 5 years and have learned everything I need to know. I keep taking classes for access to the equipment and the free materials. They’re pretty good about letting you work on your projects if you have something specific you want to do. It’s pretty much the only composites program on the west coast. Terry Price and some of the other teachers know a lot and pretty much have seen it all.

Thanks for the good words, kenz!