Transitional shapes

What are good shapes to make a transition away from longboards? I am getting much more sure footed on my longboard but I can’t get up and stay up on my 7’6" fish to save my life. Too whippy for me at this stage.

I have this 8’3 US blank sitting in the rack awaiting an outline … anybody have suggestions? Maybe an egg type shape? A fun shape?

Next time I’m at a surf shop I should look at some boards and get some ideas too … I don’t get to surf shops much unless I’m on the coast though … we only have one on all of the GL’s and it’s on the Michigan side.

Check out Rusty’s “Desert Island” shapes or something similar (Merrick M13). They will paddle into waves like a longboard but turn more like a shortboard. I think they would be a good transition.

If that board is a problem, I’d recommend eggs and mini-mals/discs in the 7’6" to 8’ range. Maybe bigger fish. The thing you need to keep in mind is the “wheelbase”, or where the wide point is, I’d think. A real fish in the 7’6" range should be workable for you at this stage, with a wide point at 4’–maybe you just need more time to adjust–I would probably recommend that actually–if you can catch them and stand up, I’d say catch a bunch more…it’s usually mostly all in the catching of a bunch of them for the practice, in my exp.

Check out the Flo Egg on the Takayama website- this board is easy to ride and not as “mini-mal” as a lot of eggs you see out there. I have 7’10" of this model and I really like it.

do up something like a Bing “Good Karma”. or maybe something like a Hobie “Mini Bird”.

Don’t invest in anymore boards, what you have will do you fine. Shape that board in 3 months when you have a better idea

Save your money and do the following exercises daily (Build up to them)

200 Situps/pilates

50 pressups

and at least 30 pop-ups on the floor (like on a surfboard)

Next you got to get use to squatting low and standing up ( This is how you generate speed on a surfboard)

Spend any spare time during the day doing bits and pieces of this stuff.

Swimming will help too as will indo boards and balance logs etc…

commit to doing this 5 days a week at least.

Seriously… do this for 3 months, if after this your still having problems then consider shaping a new board

I’ve got 2 of those 8-3 blanks in my garage right now. I may get to them in the next week or two. When I come up with my final plans, I’ll send you my dims. May give you an idea of where to go from there. BTW, how much to you weight?

225 and dropping. I’ve lost 25 lb since Ryan at Third Coast told me I was too fat for an XL :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

Supposed to be a big day on Friday. Might take the phish with again just to try … what I need is a good ocean day to try it out on. Haven’t been out on the coast on a good day since I got it done. A nice clean face might make it easier to stay up on … took off on many a wave with it up North on Superior, but fumbled and lost every one on the popup or shortly after …

a Big boy McCoy Nugget


Parmenter Stubb-Vector (Patagonia has a version called the Rocket Sled)

Your 7’6" fish should work. Keep surfing

and losing weight.