Trash Or Treasure

This Mans Trash Became My Treasure

I’m Hoping Someone Here Can Help Me With Its Origin and Date

Anybody Recognize These Names

hey looks like a fun fish,. what’s up with that butt crack? was it converted to a single fin? what’s the length? groovy airbrush, Ride it or give it to me

Steve is a longtime laminator in the Cocoa Beach/ Melbourne area. He also the owner of Lightwave surfboards and surfshop.

Thats What I was Looking for Any Idea of The Year it was Built

It’s a short single, without a finbox. Probably early 1970s.

Call Steve at the shop. He is usually pretty helpful.

Lightwave Surf Shop

82 South Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

(321) 799-9822

Thanks Man Gonna Call Him Today…