travel season

well I have just gotten an unexpected bit of time for a surf trip and it brings up a recurring problem: how do you know where to go based on the month you have free?

months like november are no problem (stay home) and june is easy of bali or mexico, but what do you do when you get an opportunity and you’re wondering “where is good in march?” (or any other month for that matter)

I think it might be useful to a lot of people if there was a resource that rated surf destinations by month/season.

anyone know of anything?


shred-on dog

Howzit shreddoggie, Ever consider Hawaii, surf breaks year round and great weather and warm water. Aloha,Kokua

You should feel lucky to have March, by far the best time of the year to travel to those places in the southern hemisphere which no one seems to get to because the dead of winter is just too harsh for those who cannot handle a 4/3. March is like september or october in Northern cali or Oregon. South Island NZ, South or Central Chile, Tahiti (this is a year round spot), SW OZ, Cape Town (endless chicks if you are single),

Feel blessed, less tourists, fall weather, and the ability to go somewhere you would never want to be in july or august

thx kokua - I can’t help getting the impression yer with the ministry of tourism. yeah! I love the islands and tix are $300 now.

I’ve been to the north shore quite a few times and my impression has been that (like lots of places) its best in the early part of the season - specifically in hawaii regarding crowds getting worse as the season wears on and the swells getting heavier and unruly, kind of like here: they just held the mavs contest yet ob has been 10’ and unsurfable - a lot of windswell on top of winter size groundswell.

maybe I just have no idea at all with my 8or9 2week trips.

island/shore in mind? I don’t think I’d be that happy at sunset point this time of year. no?

thx man - scardy recomended margaret river so I’m checking on OZ tix now. really thought fiji was the call but flights are way too high. I’m gonna check nz and chile right now.


Howzit shreddoggie, It’s huge here on Kauai today, Kings is breaking on every set and the bay is closed out. Mavs ought get really big when this swell hits. It’s bigger than the swell that hit for the Eddie. Aloha,Kokua