…can some one explain me this new trend about ALL black pigmented boards?
Still I do not get it. By the way, never saw one in the water.


I do not get it either…
But, it’s nothing new

…now are ALL black both sides and fins.

Shit, I have ditched my boards in the shade.
but the dark shit was only on the bottom!
I am with you,
gotta be wall hangers,
cuz black,
well it just cooks…


one of the ones i had put a bit of translucent black on the rails got left outside while i was doing some renovating and the back section heated up so much it melted the eps under it and left a concave down the rail. in the perfect shape of the rail of the board that was laying on top of it,
I was stoked!!!
it had been filler coated and not sanded, so it never even got surfed

I ride mine all the time!

Not solid black.

No issues with wax - water is cold, sun stays hidden.

The black board thing has got me. I am totally going to use black soon. I live in the Northeast, so we are usually freezing anyways. If its warm and sunny, you can pretty much bet there is no surf.
WideAwake, that black long board is really sweet.