Tri-fin layout on a 8'2'' Longboard

I am making a 8’2’’ longboard at home and I’m stuck on how far from the tail to put the side fins. It is a thuster, tri-fin, layout. Help!?!?

Oh and the center fin is about 7’’ from the tail. Thanks.

i know there are some good posts on (tri) fin placement for longboards. Just do a search (fin placement longboard). Of course it’s personal preference so you’re not going to find just one answer. Fin placement on any board is pretty subjective (especially a longboard i would think).

Good luck!

13…4…1 3/8 with 1/4 toe.

Back fin set trailing edge at 4

Front fins set trailing edge at 13

1 3/8 side fins off rail

1/4 toe. 3/16 if you want it slightly more gunny.

Toe, 6 degree.

I been working for me, and some of my peeps.


Rear at 4.5 or 5 up from tail

rail fins 8 inches further up

the more you spread them fore-aft, the stiffer it gets

and the less thrust you get

rail fins 1 1/8 inboard from rail

toed 1/4 canted 6 deg

but if there is vee reduce cant up to 2 deg, and increase it for concave



A couple of good set-ups here doyle! I would suggest that you put

in a big box for the center fin tho and give the board a bit of

adjustability.  Set it a 4", 5" or whatever you choose for the thruster set. 

Also, set the sides at 7 degrees cant and make sure that you are

2" off the nose.  Do not go off of a standard toe measure.  Also make

sure that the stringer is straight!  If you go off the nose, you will

cancel out any curve in the stringer nose to tail.  I have

seen a lot of curved stringers since Clark RIP.  some not so bad, some ??? WTF....

I never waver from 7 degrees cant even with panel vee in

these situations.  There are certain things that you need to keep constant

to decide what works best with your designs. Toe & cant are two of these

variables that you can keep constant and work on moving your placement

fore & aft.  Just sayin.........

Does your surfer turn hard off his back foot?  Then reduce the vee. 

Is he a front foot guy?  Do a 1/8" vee (each side) and he will order another!!!

Fin layout and rails in the tail area are another area that can make a

magic board or a dog.  Try to keep it simple if you are only doing a one

off.  Just my 2C........