Tri Fin or Trio

I like the name Tri Fin since this is where it originated in the early 1970’s

Neals Duo  has me thinking Trio may be a good name as well 

Thoughts ?

you could call it a threester?  :slight_smile:


1 1/2 duo.

How about the :

ME  ME  ME          :-)

Early 70’s ?         No, I did  a glass-on Tri-Fin, in  August of 1964.         I did the PressLock removable Tri-Fins in October 1970.    Just sayin’.

I expected that 

Richard Brewer has been credited with this 

Now what do we do ?


Trio sounds too much like a a commercial for breakfast at norms or a dinner at outback… 


Greg, How about something sexy sounding like “Threesome”.

Or “Manage A Trois”.

Threes Company 

Tri side by side

tri by side


I dun gone committed some tribocide on that last face

   Well, telling the truth about it, would be a good start.      Wouldn’t you say?      I’m sure Dick did it first, in Hawaii, just not first ever.       I saw a photo taken in the late 30’s to maybe 1940, of four guys posed with thier solid redwood planks.     When looking close, one of the boards had 3 small half moon fins, across the ‘‘stern’’ as the tail was called then.      Not entirely unlike your 3 in a row setup.      For a long time I thought I was the first to ever put 3 fins on a surfboard.        Turns out I was just the first to do it in the modern era.