Tribal Surfboards WA still alive? Who makes them?


I own a Tribal Surfboard made in WA… Anybody got info on them/him?


I think they are still made just up the road from me ?


…do you have a photo of the logo , please ?

Hi chipfish,

The board also has Lindsay Park Designs on it.

The logo is a knife with a black/red helm [part where you put your hands] of the knife. Three roses around the knife. A flag over the knife that says tribal. The letters WA on the bottom of this logo.


thanks for that !

they are in wangara , closer to hicksy than me , but not far away .

Lindsay Park does a LOT of the glassing for the board builders here in perth … both my surf supplies guy , and the guy in my local surf shop use him .



a few years ago , the boards were sold in a stall at the scarborough fair markets [10 minutes walk down the road from me] …that’s why the name rung a bell …

Thanks Chippie!


The pictures you wanted to see…

BTW Fins are now at 4.8 degree toe-in, 4 degrees of cant on the shaped bottom and set at 4"-12", 1,25 off rail… will see how it works at next bigger swell…

and this one is the last one