Triple Stringer Blanks

I am trying to locate a vendor that sells big butt triple stringer blanks … I have looked at the Clark Foam catalog and can’t find anything that I am looking for…

I want to build a 12’0" Triple Stringer Board for use (but mostly for display) … Any recommendations?


Talk to your Clark rep. If they’ll make one fishing board blank from two 13 foot sailboard blanks, they oughta be able to make a blank for you.

Failing that, there’s always EPS…HWS…XPS… and whatever other lunatic fringe composite construction you might think up!

Howzit?!? Try custom order your blank. You can get almost any combination of stringer materials, any distance apart. You can get easy and inexpensive, all the way up to super trick and very expensive. Clark Foam charges by the cut, the stringer materials, and the glue-up. (All x3) Colored glue is no extra charge. You’ll also have to wait for your custom order. Aloha…RH

spot on…just call a rep, theyll ask you the questions (the blank you want, the foam type, stringer size, spacing between them, glue color, type of wood etc etc) and youll be all set.