tropical storm Alberto in the gulf, and my new BONZER!

Doesn’t look like it’ll be too bad for you flordians, but who’s gunna surf it on the other side?

I was thinking HCP or packery tomorrow morning on #2 I just finished

I had problems with the foam absorbing resin when I put in the finbox, it’s not sealed around the edge after a couple additional attacks with more epoxy, maybe pu glue next time? It’s 1lb eps, glassed with 3 layers 6oz warp on the deck and 2 6oz warp bottom.

Thanks for the finbox shwuz!

I’ll be watching for that thing at packery, just be careful with those wicked looking runners!

I’ll be the bald guy in a white rashguard on one of my wood compsands if it is below chest high, or my resin swirl bonzer if above shoulder. Better paddle up and say hi if you see me out there!

I love the Fins!!! nice colour too, looks fun!