True Ames cutaway for 9'2 Takayama DT3 diamond tail?

Hello, I’ll be getting a new Takayama 9’2 DT3 diamond tail soon. One potential fin set-up is 2 + 1 with the trailing fin being a cutaway. Generally, I ride deep single fins and boards from the 60’s (which I’ll continue to ride). I would like to ride this board when I want to loosen things up a bit, and in bigger surf. However, I’d still like to maintain decent noseriding ability (think Joel’s green Tak in “Super Slide” and the orange one in “Contours”). It will be volan, as I like some weight. I’m thinking of the True Ames cutaway. They make it up to 9.5, but my shop only has it up to 8.0" (no problem to order a larger size). Does anyone have any thoughts? Also, anyone have the fin set up for Tudor’s Tak’s as described above, or his own PJD model? Thanks for the input.

I’d go with the 2+1 set up with removable side bites, long center box and buy two center fins. For small to medium days, try a smallish (4 3/4") trailing fin with side bites and for bigger days, an 8" cutaway trailing fin with the side bites. You could also try the 8" w/o side bites on small to medium days. That combo gives you lots of room to play around.

Hey John, The center ought to be about 8.25" or so to ride single or with small side bites. If you want get a a thruster feel out of the board a 7.0 to 7.5" center with side bites about 4.0 to 4.5" will work fine. As I recall Takayama (great boards!) puts FCS on the rails so there are lots of templates to choose from. Though a can’t help you with FCS I do make fins so if you want to chat just email me. Mahalo, Rich

great all around board that dt3! I’ve been riding one (mine is a 9’o glassed lightly) for the past 2yrs and a half and I’m still stoked. I started out with an eight inches Rainbow cutaway ( and the stock 3.75" future fins sidebites with good results. Then I tried it as a single fin with the rainbow cutaway and I didn’t like it. Next I’ve tried the star fin by Cheyne Horan (no sidebites) and got blown away by the results, way faster, quiter and looser than the cutaway, probably the faster fin I’ve ever tried. Only drawbacks of this fin are that things like leashes or jellyfish tentacles tend to get caught in it, and the noseriding capability, which is only fair. Last I’ve tried an 11 inches Wingnut sweep fin by rainbow, apparently a copy of the Velzy fin for v bottoms by true ames. This one is now my second favorite after the star, not quite as fast but great for noseriding and power turning and still plenty loose at its size.

some good info there…anyone try a flex fin, no sidebites for a 9’er…??good/bad?

I just bought a 9’4" Takayama beach break model that works great. Mine came with a straight-ish raked Takayama carbon looking fin 8" thats stiff and works good alone in small surf.I would like to try a non-vaned flex fin on it to get that drift and drive feel I liked on my vaned fins,without the breaking problem.Any wisdom appreciated. Jeff

Call the hawaiian pro designs shop in oceanside. Duh try what they suggest.

Thanks for all the input! Some good information here. I have the Velzy fin described above in two sizes, so I’ll try that. And I also have an 11" Wingnut whip tip. And the Cheyne Horan star fin. So I guess I’ll busy trying everything! I would like to know if anyone is using the jlarger cutaways, however (9 and up). Tommy Maus has shaped most of my recent boards for me, so I guess I can ask him about this if I get stuck. Thanks again.

I used a 9" cutaway on my 9’6" pintail and it “squirted” on turns. It seems like it didn’t have the drive of a wider based fin. I changed to a GT 9" Orca, and that gave more drive in turns, and more speed in trim. Just a better all around fin for that board. I think you just have to try several until you find the right ones for each board. Doug

Resource # 596 may be worth considering. Lots sterling reports on performance. Not you standard cutaway template and foil.