Trying to change my avatar, any nuclear scientists here can help??

So, im trying to change my avatar pic.


1.) I can delete my pic.

2.) I cannot copy a link into the "browse" space. Hmmm, i can paste in the link from my pc, but when i hit "SUBMIT", there is no pic there when i have a look.


Very frustrating, can anyone please help???

hey mark,

    off topic but, as a fellow brewer i thought I’d bring up my resurgence into brewing. Put it on hold for the last two years or so (since I’ve obsesssed with board building, etc.) but now I got the bug again; so I brewed up three brews and got a kegging system in my spare fridge. I have a summer spiced ginger honey ale, fall imperial pumpkin ale, both in the bottle, and nice dunkelweizen on draft. Poured a few from the keg and foiled up some fins at home. Loving life right now, just thought I’d share my stoke with you.

Thanks huck, i'll leave it a few days!

What for ya wanna change it?

Digging the JD… 

Sometimes there is a delayed reaction - add your new pic and give it a day or so.  If it doesn't show up then, try again and wait another day.  That's what I do, and it works for me  =)


Disclaimer: I am not really a nuclear scientist, but I was raised in a nuclear family.

Yep, why have my old home made keel fish ( which was the best board i ever made, total fluke ), when i can show off my ridiculously good JD fish!!. Haven't had it out in a while though, haven't been surfing as much as i'd like, and the fitness has suffered greatly. Big motivation to get back in shape is surfing the fish.


Hi im mark, and im a fishaholic.

Sweet!, pumpkin ale sounds nice!. Im about to keg an APA and dump a 1.076 AIPA on the yeast. Love american hops!. Other kegs full of helles. Trying to have a beer free november, to lose some weight, and improve my fitness. Hard with good beers on tap haha.

Looks like my pic has changed, woo hoo!!