Trying to find info on this board

Forgotten board in our shed, trying to find any info on it. Thanks in advance

Aipa period.

[Quote=mattwho] Aipa period

The fact it has wings means it was made around 1973, or later. That would make it one of Bob Highsmith’s PFs since he owned the label after '72. So, it’s not an original PF because the factory burned down in 1971 and the label had changed hands a few times by the time wings became a “thing”.
Aipa never had anything to do with PF.

Try this

I’m pretty sure that Matt was saying it is a Ben Aipa influenced design. Looking at the photo it does look like it has the hydro plane bottom that Aipa put on the Original Sting. After many death threats by Glassers, Sanders and Polishers Ben and the SNI crew dropped the step in the Bottom.

So I don’t really know much about boards. Is it something I should hold onto? It’s not really in the best shape.

Judging by that one picture, I cannot give you any advice.

I submit

Can’t read the label. What is it?

The “Bump board” Pacific Coast Surfboards by Dale Velzy.

Not looking for trouble…

Velzy gets the credit for the “wing”
The Classic story of Hap Jacobs asking Dale to make a noserider.
Velzy through in all the tricks, concave nose, dished out tail and added a little “something”.
The address of Jacobs on PCH was 422.

let go of it periodicly to facilitate
getting in and out of cars ,climbing ladders etc
but hold onto it when paddling out through surf.
accumulating surfboards is a common undertaking.
holding pattern because you like it is recomended.
You are not likely to trade it for a gullwing mercedes
or a 32 coupe.You may be able to trade it
for a nice toupe.if you like it keep it.
Ride it if you are lightweight enough

That’s a board from the mid 70s. Jock Sutherland rode them in the late 60s-early 70s. I would ride it once then clean it up and hang it on a wall.

[Quote=CDunc] I would ride it once then clean it up and hang it on a wall.

Why ride it only once? It’s not a museum piece, or even a highly collectible board. It should be ridden often, by someone who’s into shapes like that.

I agree, all boards should be ridden but it’s so cool if ti doesn’t ride well don’t trash it. I have a friend that has a beat up CON and said it is to thrashed to ride so he cleaned it up the best he could and hung it up in his studio and it’s just looks so cool there.

Just try it…
I have a nice PF round pin winger.
Shit I added trailers…