Trying to sell this board......

Im not into surfing and have come across this board… Wondering what it might be worth… It has small damage on the tip but otherwise is good… A bit of dust on it only … 1963 hobie alter 

Nice board…would tidy up to make a good rider…no idea on price , but you should get plenty of interest .

How did you arrive at the year being 1963?  It fits that time period, but could have been made between 1961 and '65.

Hard to determine a value with all the dirt. If you cleaned it really well the true condition would be easier to assess.

When selling a vintage board it is wise to clean it well and take very detailed pics of any damage or imperfections.

All that aside, the market for 60s longboards has taken a big downturn in recent years. Only the very unique and rare ones have held value.

Given what you show I’d estimate a fair price at around $1000 to 1200. It’s a fairly generic, stock Hobie. Best thing going for it is the wood fin.

That has some aesthetic value, even though it has some wear.

Another very important detail is length. Some folks like these as riders and the size can make or break a sale. Measure it, and state as feet/inches.

Such as, 9’6", 10’2", etc.

Where are you located?

Clean it up with Paint Thinner/Mineral Spirits, a plastic spreader, 3M Srubbie pad and a cotton cloth.  The nose obviously needs a repair.  Still has good color. The Bead on the fin could be straightened up a bit.  To the right buyer it might be worth the $1000–1200 Sammy boy mentioned.  But a quick sale would be $600–800.  Overpriced vintage boards languish on EBay.