Tudor HPNR

Has anyone ridden this board? How does it perform? Any info you have will be greatly appreciated.


I finally got this board and am totally disappointed. It is not as advertised. The board is advertised as a 9.0 but only come (from Surftech) as 9’4". Tudor Surfboards has done nothing to address this issue, suggesting they dont give a @##$$%$%!

What you have bought is a surftec not a Tudor, you need to be talking to Randy Franch in Santa Cruz not Tudor surfboards. Joel only gets a few bucks from surftec for the board someone shaped a plug and gave it to Surftec they shipped it to Thiland and they made the board Joel does not shape board he just rides them, I’m not even sure he knows how to design a surfboard he get all of his information from someone else’s board that he surfed and enjoyed.