Tuflite Surftech

Like to share my Surftech exparience. Last year I had the opportunity to pick up a Takayama JT2 (Joel Tudor) wood veneer. This board road really great, no problems what so ever… I took it out on one of those mushy little one foot days just to get wet, stepped off the back on this little ankle snapper and the board did a short ghost ride, the nose dipped and it popped up, (typical action) I walked over picked up the board only to find that the nose had virtually exploded! Honest the impact this board could have received was so minor I couldn’t believe it! the damage was incredible, the nose block was pushed back into the foam and the wood veneer was sticking out on both sides. I contacted Gabe French at Surftech and he said this was extremely unusual and had me send it to the board lady for a closer examination. Long story short, the board lady simply quoted a price to fix it along with several other “scratches” and no comment on why such a small impact would create so much damage. I went back to my shaper,ordered two boards and thats it. No more surtech!!

it’s been my experience that the longboarders who experiment with surftech seldom become converts…it really pisses me off when the people at my local shop push pop-outs on people who don’t know any better.

“it’s INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!..and it costs LESS!!!”

I have never seen a JT2 surftech woody or tuflite.Are they new? Bad news they all ding and break and snap ,surftech,rusty, epoxy, poly or ast etc.Just something we have to live with.Sorry for ding sometimes I think it hurts us more than the board

Didn’t SunnyGarcia just win a heat at Snapper using a Tufflite CI ?

I have a Surftech CI M13 shortboard and love it. I’ve tried the surftech Takayama longboards and don’t like them. Weight is not a problem for longboards in my opinion.

my biggest issue is the flex factor… stiff longboards are no fun, but a stiff shortboard can really get some drive to it.

well there was this 11’ wood board hanging around for a year at the surf shop (surf tech/Munzo glider thing) I kept looking at, and being a wood man, I finally bought it.It rides great, is light for its size, floats like a 12footer, rides like a 1o fter, anyway, smashed it into the jetty, nose smashed, rail damage, ect… Allready fixed some minor cracks (not threw the wood) with suncure. Anyway I needed info on the layering on these boards so I would know how to fix it. It seems like there is only a light layer of glass on the nose and tail blocks, and the rest seems like resin over wood vinier. Well its not on their website,and they told me to take it back to the surfshop and have them fix it. I toldthem I fix my boards and that was that. So I glued the nose together as best i could, filled it with wood putty, glassed it with 2 layers 4oz, so far it looks good. Anyway the point is the thing dings easy, is a pain to fix, but looks good on a wall. I dont think Ill get another. Yim


Check out this site for repair information: www.boardlady.com

Eva’s site is really good!


edit - the web adress

I’ve owned more surftechs than poly boards. Have dinged all type of boards, but the surftechs seem to be a little tougher. My poly boards always seems to get pressure dings, while my surftechs don’t. I like the stiffness as it seems to drive better to me anyway. I’ve ridden the 12’0 Munoz to the 8’2 McCoy. Even dropped a board down a flight of stairs and just had to buy a new fin.

If you want a tough board buy a solid wood one. The toughest board you’ll ever own.

wow, thanks herb, thats the info I needed, I filled the wood cracks with wood filler and it looks like crap.

I think Surftechs are the finest crafted, toughest and most superior surfboards on the market. All others pale in comparison. I also like the fact that shops owners get to make more profit on them. They also promote world peace by employing southeast asian workers. Popouts are the future.

My favorite pink Floyd song is Pigs on wing.

Love it Solo

Good one…

Do you surf at Haubush?


Were you the guy riding the 10’ Rad Cluster a while back telling me you we’re waiting on your 8’2" McCoy? I was riding my 7’11" McCoy single fin that day…Is you’re 8’2" a single or tri?

I’m the guy usually riding all the different boards mostly shorties…

Anyway most folks here as elsewhere are pretty much anti-surftech especially solo… which is why that comment was so funny.

I guess the world doesn’t realize how popular surftech longboards are in Hawaii especially at Haubush/Oneula with Rodney Nakasato and the rest of the Surftech homeboys…

Yes, that’s me 10’ Rad Noserider. Or it used to be me before I moved to San Antonio, TX. Tell Rodney that I said Hi. I used to hang with Danny Maligro, but he moved to Kona. Oh the 8’2 was a tri fin, but I used to ride it at Straight out, and Pops.

Aloha Brah!


Best of luck in Texas… (Which is hotter Ewa Beach or Texas?)

Shwuz (Jarrod) is there maybe you guys can hook up…

Geez seems like only yesterday I saw you checking out my 7’11" McCoy at Sandtracks…

Waves weren’t too bad that day if I remember right and you got your share of good ones too!

Now that I remember that was during the summer some time wasn’t it…

Anyway take care.

I never did get that 10’ Rad Cluster we talked about decided to go balsa lam instead…

Aloha from Ewa!


Anyway most folks here as elsewhere are pretty much anti-surftech especially solo… which is why that comment was so funny.

I am not really anti Surftech. I just don’t buy their sales pitch. I see potential with the tech. I just personally don’t care for the ride. I am a firm believer in surfers riding what they want to ride, but trying different things. I tried Surftechs before I said one thing about them. Also, my post was all in fun.

Yeah, it was the summer. Texas is hotter and more humid, but the cost of living is lower. I don’t surf as much as before, but I’m getting a new board next week for future surfing trips. Lance Hookano invited me to go surfing in Mexico in May, but I don’t have enough vacation time and money to go so soon. Maybe in the fall. Yeah!