tuna sandwich

what do you think ?

for board #13 … i’m not ready to do a complete balsa skinned board. seems like it would take a ton of skillz and time to turn out. i’m thinking about doin just the deck in balsa, without wrapping the rails etc., with a d cell bottom to strenghten the 1# eps. And I’m thinking about doin perimeter stringers with 1/16 ply about 2" from the outside of the rail.

So I should get a light, durable board with the perimeter stringer qualities and the flex characteristics and good look of some balsa.

It won’t be a Superburger with bacon and cheese, but it should work better than a pu/pe.

For a deck vent I’m gonna take the intake snorkle off my 4 wheeler and duct tape it to the deck… i’ll get it chromed first.

Any thoughts, feed back ?

feedback fail!