tunnel fin hand draw *PIC*

in other thread days ago, somebody ask me for photos about these fins. John Mellor explain me the way to post it. now i post draws, photos coming soon when i´ll got a camera, may be in several days…thanks i have surfing with this type of fins about a year.only in stabilizers side fins.the rear fin is more vertical and bigger than an average to hold the board. the “my theory” for build this fins, (may be is stupid, but trial and error is the only way to obtain a good board…)is: based in the “theory” of the front fins drags too much and this bubbles do not dispers well. so, the rear fin is really affected by this and of course the board. a portion of water run througth the tunnels and let most of this “bubbles” out of the rail of the board. if this is silly argument ok. i need opinions also i was riding an “arc type fin”, but you know, for really test a design you should craft 30 boards minimun (for all the varied stuff…like several kind of shapes, surfers, waves, etc)