turbo tunnel fins

has anyone ever used /made one of these? as i made a basic version of one today, wasnt that hard to make but the results were phenominal! take offs were better! carving was so pure soul arching and nose riding (lets just say today was the longest ride on the tip) anyone else loving these fins? paul

I tried the original a few years back on my noserider…hated it

i got one for christmas, ive only used it once on small mush. i like my cutaway better but i havve to try it in bigger waves to know for sure

ive been using a small fin 6.5" on my board for ages just cause i like the way the back end is so loose. but it aint nice on bigger waves so it may have been a combination of bigger waves head high and steep that it may work better in. i know though that with my other fins i wouldnt have got away with some of the drops i took with the turbo tunnel!

Pauluk, I tried a TirboTunnel when in CR last year and loved it…not the price however. As soon as I got home from that trip I took a standard 9" plastic LB fin (kind that you pay 10-12$ for…and had at it with a saw. Removed a section of fin about 2" away from the base, approx 2 1/4" wide. Cut a peice of 2" PVC pipe to fit, shaped the leading and trialing edges, tweaked the fin so that the tunnel fit just right, glued the three pieces together and then used epoxied a couple layers of 8oz cloth to each side. I put some black pigment into the epoxy so that it would be a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Tuned up the edges afterwards. The fin works great…don’t notice a difference from the original…except in my pocket-book! It’s now my favorite fin. I have however just bought a Cheyne Horan Starfin…can’t wiat to give it a go…heard it works really well for noseriding. Later Dee