Turning japanese


I really think so… www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/ the only TV I watch.

Minor one hit wonder about prison wanking from the early 80’s. Lot’s of airplay on KROQ & 91X back then.

@mattwho, had you really never heard this song before?

Oh yeah.

However I don’t want to look “inside as well”!

i think the joke here is in reference to the oriental writing / spam flooding the forum lately. If u haven’t noticed then it shows the moderators are working hard to delete it.

Yeah buddy,
All things concidered, by the time I finished this post more than 1/2 the spam was gone.
Bravo Mod’s!

A letter from Hiro showed up today…

that fvcker is persistent

It is back…

It’s Online herpes, you never get rid of that shit.
I think it falls to Huck to remove the spam every time, thanks Huck !
I kinda Think it’s not from China/ Japan.