Twin Fin placement comparisons

Would be a great resource for shapers and designers to see all the most popular twinfin models of the world dissected, IE dimensions, rocker measurements, fin placements, fin sizes, The great twinfin comparison so to speak…
any model owners care to chime in…
Please move this thread to wherever it should live, I’ve been a long standing member of Swaylocks but the new format takes a bit of working out …my old brain…


I think that’s a great idea but it probably depends on whether you have wings and a more high-perf twinny, vs old-school Steve Lis vs midlength twin-pin vs Neal Purchase Jr “duo” or “duoza” style twinny.

Here is Greenlight’s recs for Keels:

Here is NPJ’s recs for duo fins:

Here is Swaylocks archived discussion:

I place my fins further up than what Greenlight shows, but my rear foot is further up on my boards. The rear of my twins are closer to 10" up and up to 12" up. That keeps my foot over the fins. For the Duo style, I them about 7" from the tail. I have 3 Duos style boards.
I use both single foiled and symmetrically foiled fins on the duos. I use them with the flat side out on my Bill Thrailkill style double single boards.