Twin fin vs Twinzer set up

I just shaped a big boy old school fish 6’6" 17x22x16 2 3/4 and I am about to order fins. What do you guys think about the twinzer set up. I don’t know much about them and have never ridden a board with one. Should I stick with the regular twin fin set up? Thanks~~~~

You could put a FCS plug where the twinzer fin would go and be able to ride it as a twin or twinzer and have the best of both worlds.

I have swallow tailed pig that is set up with its fins like Herbs Q-4 fish. The board started out as a twin and in looking for more drive, I took Herbs advice and removed and re glassed the big fins, then added two smaller ones so they were something like an inch to the side of the big fins, with the tailing edge of the small fins around an inch aft of the leading edge of the big fins. Crap, something like that…Anyway the board has more drive and is just as fast and loose. Doing it like FD said with fin plugs would be a great way to go.

I’ve ridden both, plenty, and I don’t think I’d ever choose a twin fin if a twinzer was available. The twin fin just starts to cavitate on the up-wave fin on harder turns - it feels like it is spinning out. The twinzer is super-smooth in its drive in comparison. Probably you’d learn a lot about this if you put in the FCS plus for the Twinzer fin, but me - I’d just go Twinzer to start with.