Twin Fish With Major Problems

The Twin Fin Swallow Tail Fish has 1 Million giant bubbles in it because it was my first Lam job. What is the best way to get rid of the millions of bubbles?


I guess after it sets, you gotta grind away the tops of each, then refill the hole with a lam resin/chopped glass mix.

The wait for set, then re sand flush all the mess.

So what should I do LeeDD, like slice them open with a razor blade, or poke a hole, and does it matter if I use pigment with the resin that I will fill the bubble with?


Razor is good.

Oh, you colored the resin on the lam?

Guess you better match the color when you fill the bubbles.

If there are some pinbubbles, small tiny ones, you can mix a batch of lam resin and re squeegee the whole laminate, pushing the resin into the voids, to fill the pinbubbles. Works only on small, 1/32" voids or smaller.

So should I slice the big bubbles, I have some bubbles that are atleast 2ft long, this is my worst Lam Job yet. How long will it take to do all of this?

“Razor good”.

Takes time to make mistakes correct, whatever it takes, you might as well do it.