twin/quad conversion?

I currently have 2 fishes.One is 5’8 and the other is a 5’6.I felt I could go smaller after riding my 5’8 all summer long so I recently bought a 5’6.So instead of having 2 twin fishes,I was thinking about having the 5’8 converted to a quad.Has anyone ever converted a twin(lokbox setup)to a quad.I would imagine it might be a pain with the fin setup I have in it now.Is this worth trying or should I keep it as it is.Thanks,Steve.

You can do it, but what would you gain beside the image of owning a quad config fish?

If you know the answer, the conversion should be straightforward, and actual cluster placement dependent on what kind of feel you want in the ride.

If you can’t answer the first question, then just sell it to someone bigger.

I thought there would be a slight characteristic change after the conversion.From what I’ve read it adds more drive and maneuveribilty.Kinda like a single/bonzer conversion.I even thought about adding wings to it,somewhat similiar to Mandala’s quad.It’s probably easier to just sell the board and get a quad instead of going though the trouble.However,I don’t hate the board,as a matter of I love it.I just know I can go smaller.I figure I’d hold on to it but somewhat change it a little so that its not the same as the other.