Twin Stringer Fish - Dusty blank now what?

Im making a 5’5" fish with 2 thin redwood stringers (I’ll try to load a pic)

Ive finished shaping but there is redwood dust all over it - how do I clean it before glassing?

Im glassing deep purple tint on deck and dark blue tint on bottom so not a major issue but Id like to clean it up if I could…


the pic is from a while ago but it gives you the idea…

That is a great job, it’s going to look great!

If you have access or know someone with access to compressed air, that is the best way

to go. We do it all the time. Run the air 100 to 125 psi. The blank will be cleaned completely

perfect in a couple of minutes.

here are some other pics… they are all old though… about 1/2 way through shaping…

I’ll be buying a compressor tomorrow… wife will hate me, but then understand and think its kinda cool.

any other ideas incase the budget doesnt com through for me?

Take it down to the gas station and blow it off where they fill up tires.Use the blow end of a shop vacuum.

Ask around I own three compressors.


Hi Riff,

Use your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. HTH.



and yes… I do feel somewhat dim whitted for not thinking of that first…

been surfing all day… thats my excuse… was best session in weeks too…





Hi Riff,

Use your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. HTH.


exactly, that’s what i do. by the way, nice fish. the twin stringers look very cool. i hope you post up pics of the final result after glassing.

also, you can follow up the vac by dragging some wide masking tape across the blank a few times…it’ll pick up whatever is still stuck on there.

Thanks for the tips all… I’ll be glassing in deep blue resin tint tomorrow and will pate pics asap,.

Thanks agian,