Twinzwer to Keels? Possible

I’m thinking of getting Hynson twinzer and was wondering if it was possible to switch back a forth from twinzer to keels? I like the idea but not sure how realistic it really is. Anyone currently riding a twinzer that has thrown on a set of keels instead. Is the twinzer box placement in the correct location to even do this?

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In my experience, keels are very forgiving in terms of placement. So to a fair extent it should work


nice informative blog ..... good stuff !!!


PS still own the Pavel ????

Yes still have the Pavel, its such a blast in a nice walled up wave, rides like nothing else. Also have a new pavel speed dialer, shaped by hand when Rich was here a couple of weeks ago. I’ll report in a few months

If you do the report on your blog please advise .... looking forward to it !!!