Twisted Longboard!

I’ve just been offered an old brazilian 9’ longboard cheap but it’s twisted!

I’ve never seen anything like it in a board before! About an inch of twist in the whole length of the board!

Do You think It is still rideable?

Is there any way to undo the twist in a Longboard!

I was thinking of putting it under a hot tin roof and then load it with weights or its own weight to undo the twist.

Would this work or would I just ruin it more??


There was a big thread on this topic (with pics on how he fixed it) over at SurferMag…Here’s the link.

Thanks a lot Tenover!

I’ll go ahead and try bending it with heat, hopefully some more warm summer days left up here in Sweden.

Or I’ll take it with me in the Sauna.

Surf is on its way up here, a lot of wind now and the Baltic sea is warmed up at around 18-20c.


Howzit Eric, Ride the board first, amazingly enough some twisted boards work better than before they twisted. Aloha, Kokua

i agree-ride it first-it might be twisted in such a way that it will ride better than if straight…