Tyler Riddler Inspired

So I recently started shaping a riddler…taking as much knowledge that I have from it without actually riding one.


I see them all the time out at porto and have seen plenty of them at Tyler’s shop…AND…have come dangerously close to ordering one. Then i rememberd that’s a month’s worth of rent! haha.  Don’t get me wrong…I think Tyler has all the right in the world to charge that much. They’re beautiful and they’re built to last.  (let’s see what rant that last statement starts) 


Anyway, since I can’t afford one, I figure I’ll do my own.  First time in a while that I didn’t have a board to do for someone else- so it was perfect timing.


I generally like to ride boards thinner and more narrow with pulled in noses. Which is why I love Gatos.  - Well, most of them.   So I took the dimensions of the actual Riddler and shaved them down quite a bit. 

before glass so far - the board is 9’3’’ x 22’’ x 3’’ at the hip/wing part of the board.  From what I read, this area works as a pivot. I did incorporate the step deck in the tail, and I also shortened up the concave toward the front of the board.  Kept it at about 3 -4ft long down the middle instead of what looks like about 6ft long on the real deal.


Anyway, more glassing tonight. I’ll keep you posted. 


Here’s the link to the pics.