Tyler Riddler Vr. Noserider

Good afternoon people, Iv checked the resources for Tyler references and there’s plenty of discussion on where his ideas have came from but very little comparing his two nose riders.

So is there anyone here who’s ridden both? I’m not in a position to try either before I order one and I’m very torn as to which to go with.

Any info at all would be appreciated

Best bet is to talk to the man himself, he is a straight up guy. Send an e-mail to his website and Katherine(his wife) will get a response from him.

I can’t help you with how either board rides, as I’ve only ridden the 305 (which is great) but I have a Hap Jacobs 422, which is similar to the riddler and was probably an inspiration to the shape.

I love the 422 in beachbreak or slightly unorganized reefs of North County San Deigo, but when I had it up at malibu last week, the nose concave slowed the board down too much. That’s something you want in beachbreak, where you don’t have alot of setup time, but not so much at points. The hips really help you turn it quick in the beechies as well.

The noserider will def. be better at a point.

Call or visit Tyler, my friend ordered his by visiting the shop and talking surf with him. Tyler listed to all he had to say, and came up with a great custom for the conditions he rides.

I’ll back Rob up on that- talk to Tyler, he’s the man. I don’t have one of his boards but have ridden one, it’s great and have been through his shop many times and found him and his staff to be really on it.

Thanks for the info, never even thought of that much concave slowing it up to much.

Definatley food for thought.

i have had my 10’ tyler craftmen noseriders for 5mo. now.

absolutly the best board i have ever had.

I had four 10’noseriders over the last 15yrs all the same model from the same company.the model was the only board i rode in all conditions.even travel.so i was afraid to switch companys because i liked my board so much.

I took me 5 yrs to finally order a tyler.wish i did it a long time ago.