Type of Posca Pens?

To do art and drawings on top of the fiberglass do you use oil based posca pens, or water based and then coat over it? (Like …Lost graphics) Thanks for your help, Nick

…waterbased,then spray clear Krylon over it to seal the paint onto the board better.Herb

So then you sand the krylon down to get rid of the gloss? Thanks nick

…No don’t do that! …It’s generally to thin,you’ll scratch the paint up. …You might get away with lightly running a scotch brite pad over it(by hand only!!!) or a lighthanded wetsanding with 600grit.I use dry 000 or 00 steelwool,BUT LIGHTLY or you’ll be doing over again.Herb

…OH YEAH,Krylon makes a “matte finish”(flat finish,not glossy)clear acrylic,Skip the rubs all together!!!Herb

Herb, do they have to be “posca” brand? I saw a good selection of water based paint pens at the local craft store. Thanks Nick

…No,but test them first!!!Herb

Herb, thanks for your help, you are always willing to go out of your way to help people on here. Do you have a company, if so where? How many boards do you shape a year? thanks

…No company,use to in the 70s, but it got to hectic with no real money.Thnking about starting a new biz,just have no time ,I spend most of it with my family,however that time is split up. …e-mail me if you’d like.Herb …ps. the peds parvo is back,as well as some other nasty child’s viruses.

Howzit Nick, I prefer Zig pens myself, but I’m having a hard time getting them these days. Zig are pigment ink pens and are more permanent and durable than Poscas.Aloha, Kokua