U-pol clear coat

I am just finishing my 2nd board build.  I’m opting to try U-pol clear coat over the artwork I am doing on the nose.  Can someone outline the exact procedure I should follow to not mess this up?  Last time I used a hotcoat and it worked well.  I anticipate approximately 10-15 hrs of artwork design, hence the reason to get it right.  Thanks, looking forward to the advice.


fog the first coat...you know it will look dull and slightly rough, but no runs of thick spots, just seal the art work, and give something for the second coat to bind to.


second coat make it pretty.   wait to kick off, and buff out...done..................or you can wet sand with 320-500 grit, and put another coat., and another, and another...It depends on how deep you want it ot look.

I shoot 2-3 coats usually, waiting about 15-30 mins between coats more or less.

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Great, thanks for the advice.  Do you recommend sanding after the first coat or just fog it for sealing purposes?

only sand between real coats, only sand if you have some zits or orange peel etc.

I'm just about to do the same thing.  Would you do one side then flip the board after it kicks and do the other side or could you hang the board up by the leash cup and do the whole board at once?  Just wondering how long before I could flip it if thats the case.  Tks