The new UDT (underwater demolition team) Duck Feet are now available This fin now heavily favored by special warfare ops, mat-riders, knee-riders, prone big wave body-boarders, divers, and BIG WAVE bodysurfers, due to its biomimetic-differential durometer and loading regime; resulting in a firm supportive foot pocket, yet flexible distomedial portion of the blade has descended upon ye, not unlike the second coming. altho…msrp is 80.00 this initial offer thru me…is a mere 50.00 US e-mail me at info. they truly are tremendous fins, much improved (functionally and aesthetically) over the static product shoved off on to the masses for so many years. greg deets

Greg - Mine arrived in the mail today. Thanks!

and from this point on my friend… your life will never be the same, indeed, a new being you shall become… greg shit why not just e-mail me at home!!! see you soon bro’ greg…again

We used to use the vintage udt for bodysurfing. Great fin but took considerable effort to kick. Are these new duck feet any more user friendly and do they float?

the new udt has a softer, flexible blade with a distomedial flexible tip the outer ribs remain firm the foot pocket firm thus the blade is much more alive, and yet the firm outer ribs keep the blade from failing they are attractive and easier to kick e-mail me off list at for the whole run down its been quite a saga greg

W whats the difference between the Voit UDTs and the Voit OIDuck Feet?

udt has a longer blade udt has a larger foot pocket center of gravity of the udt is out into the blade center of gravity in custom duck more near toe-tip udt being controlled more closely has a more complex durometer and loading regime hence very quick yet powerful fin longer blade better for trimming in waves greg

Would you recommend the new Voit UDT fin over my old Voit Duck Feet? What surfing (body surfing?) are they best for? Aren`t they mainly a military type swimfin mainly for Navy Seals underwater demolition? Thanx!

Do they come in yellow like Donald’s? (sorry I just felt like posting something stupid…no offense intended) R.B.

do you have a picture?